Tuesday, July 19, 2016


It is well, now and then, to recall the traction engine law. all travelers should be interested in it and the owners should pay close attention. Here are the points;
Every engine propelled by steam must have a man at least 300 yards ahead of the engine to warn persons riding or driving upon any public road of the fact that the engine is coming, and also assist in the management of ny horse or horses that may require his assistance to control. The law also requires the engine to be run as far as practicable to the side of the road, and to remain stationary intil any horse or horses have passed to a safe distance, in the meantime making as little noise as possible with the steam.  Penalty for failing to comply with the law is a fine of $10 and cost.  he law further requires him to have a printed copy of this law posted on his engine under the fine of not less than $10..

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