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Doctor Joseph Addison Robinson Vansant, Jr., died Saturday, March 13, 1980, in the
Martin County Memorial Hospital, Stuart, Florida. He had a stroke at his home near Jensen
Beach. His funeral service was Saturday, March 22, 1980, at Epworth Methodist Church,
Rehoboth Beach, and he is buried in All Saints Episcopal Cemetery, Indian River.

Doctor Vansant was born 1901 in Philadelphia to Joseph Addison Robinson Vansant, Sr.,
and Agnes McMasters Vansant. His father was an employee of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

He was educated in Philadelphia schools, Haverford College, earned a master at Univ. of
Pennsylvania and a doctorate at Columbia University.

He came to Rehoboth Beach Special School District in 1945 as the superintendent. In 1967
he was named the Educator of the Year by the Sussex County Teachers Association.

Prior to Rehoboth he was assistant superintendent of Mount Pleasant High School for one year,
also held administrative post at Tuckerton and Camden, New Jersey. He taught English at the
Friends School in Philadelphia for 11 years.

Has been president of The Private School Teachers Association of Philadelphia, president of
Chief Local School Officers, president of the Rehoboth Sportsman Club and the Rehoboth

In 1924 he married Edna M. Helms in Philadelphia o survives him. He also has a son Donald
in Bridgewater, N. J., daughter, Jamet Rapkin of Cleveland. He was predeceased by a son

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Golden tilefish, aka great northern tilefish or blue tilefish, scientific name is
Lopholatilus chamaeoeonticeps.

The golden tilefish is low in fat, has a sweet flavor like lobster or crab. They size between
5 and 10 pounds.

Tilefish fishery is between Virginia and Maine, the majority caught in southern New England
and mid Atlantic waters. They are caught on longline gear.

The stock is not overfished nor is overfishing occuring.

A record golden tilefish was caught this past August, weighing 46 pounds, 8 ounces and took
20 minutes to bring in. It was 47 inches long with a girth of 29 inches.

This golden tilefish, a deepwater offfshore species, was hooked at a depth of 530 feet on
5 ounce chartreuse and a silver butterfly jig.

The catch was weighed and recorded at Hook'm & Cook'm in Rehoboth Beach.

Source: Delmarvanow Report, Delaware Coast Press, 4 October 2017,, and
Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office. Abstract 10/09/2017 Harrison H.

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Samuel Willard, born in Concord, Massachusetts, January 31, 1640, died 12 September 1707,
deemed to be the last puritan.
On two two accounts this would not be true. First Puritanism surrounds noncomformist ministers who remained in the Church of England in order to purify it. Second, the ministers who left the
Church of England were called Pilgrims. It would be better to call Mr. Willard a reformed
Preacher of the Gospel.

Willard graduated Harvard in 1659 where he studied divinity. After graduation he was ordained a
minister in Groton, Massachusetts, in 1664, served until 1676 when he was chased away by Indians
during the King Phillips War. He then went to the Old south Church in Boston and became the
second most important preacher in the New England Calvinistic Church of the day, following
Increase Mather (1639-1723) . He wass known as a man of profound notions, will say what he will,
and prove what he says, acording to John Dutton, book seller.

Samuel Willard strenuously opposed Salem wichcraft trials and influenced public opinion against
them. The trials were halted in 1692 influenced by Wllard's promotions.

When Increase Mather retired from the presidency of Harvard , Willardm the vice president, took
over the job from 1701 to 1707.

Willards preachng centered on the doctrine of the covenant of redemption. In his preaching he
opposed Antinominaism and opposed both Baptist and Quaker theology.

Samuel Willard was the son of a military and political leader, Major Simon Willard and his wife
Mary Sharpe who came to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1634 from England. In 1635 they and the Rev. Peter Bulkley, established the village of Concord.

Samuel Willard married on 8 August 1664, Abigail Sherman, of Watertown, and became a freeman in 1670 with full citizenship privileges.

Abstract Ocotober 8, 2017, Harrison, of Wikipedia, A Puritan's Mind, Fire & Ice, Puritan and
Reformed Writings.

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Many who make Rehoboth Beach their summer home seem eager to return for the mid winter
festivities. Such as the cotillion dance at the fire hall all decorated with greenery and ballons with a
carnival touch.

There was Ann Fulton down from Park Avenue in black velvet, Jane Hardesty of Dover in
pastel net and our local lass, Kitty Toppin with Danny Conant. From Brandywine Hills were the J. Edward Schells, and, the Henry Winchesters with daughter Jane.

Jack McManus, club president, entertain a few between the halves, and, ran out of sandwiches.
However, everyone including Mag and Earl Poole, Covington and Sal Townsend, reported heaps of

The Wilbur S. Corkrans, were host to a few friends at the 17th century “Homestead”. Nancy
McCabe had Mary Emma Ryan, Sunray Farms, Newark, Ginnie Vinton, of St. Georges for the
“hop”. Doris and Carlton Moore joined a group of friends to greet the New Year. Bob Hinkley, and his sister, Mrs McCeny Werlich, from Washington were around also.

In Washington's North West Wardman Park, the Wallace Chiswell's, had a really nice party at their far away home in mid December. .

Major and Mrs Dick Bond were down from Wilmington and among the two hundred other
guest were those of the summer colony, Major Kemp Slaughter, Gladys Hinkley Werlich, the
John Lewis Smiths, Judge and Mrs. Swing, the Brides, the Darbys and the the Lloyd's.

Source: New Delawarean Magazine , 1941.

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Favorite movie pictures playing at 1940 Christmas time.

Jack Benny and Fred allen in “Love Thy Neighbor” , Melvyn Douglas and Rosaland

Russell in “This Thing Called Love”. Louis Hayward and joan Bennett in “The Son
of Monte Cristo”, and a return by request of “Gone With The Wind”.

Pat O'Brien and Constance Bennett in “Escape To Glory”. Franchot Tone and Peggy

Morgan in “Trail of the Vigilanties”, John Barrymore and Virginia Bruce in “Invisable

Woman”, Abbott and Costello and Andrews Sisters in “Buck Privates”. Caesar Romero

and Virginia Bruce in “Tall, Dark And Handsome”, Robert Young, Virginia Gilmore,

and Randolf Scott in “Western Union” , Alice Fays and Don Ameche , “Road To Rio”.

The latter two are both in Techniclor.

1941 CUBA


First chosen is an article under “Where Shall We Wander” about Cuba, since it has been in

the news of late, here in 2017.

Cuba is foreign. Havana is foreign. Uncle Sam, just across Florida Strait, will never make
the Island, American.

The Cuban's like us, imitate us, but a Cuban remains a Cuban. The first you might notice

is Avendia Antonio Maceo, surfside, known as Malecon, named for a Cuban soldier. To picnic
follow the Little Almendares River inland, you discover The Tropical Gardens, Rio Cristal and

The Springs of Vento. Rio Cristal, fifteen miles inland, is owned by Enrique Berenguer, inkeeper.

He is a flamboyant intitution in himself and roars his delight at seeing you. Across the river are

The Springs of Vento, reached by a swaying iron plank bridge, the planks salvaged from the raising

The Maine from Havana harbor. There are hundreds of springs of Vento, limestone and magnesia

bubbling up eighty million gallons of spring water per day for Havana's use. An engineer of Cuba,

Don Francisco de Albear y Lara, harnessed these springs in 1859.

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A dog story of a black lab that was adopted by a young single man, six months new in town.

“They told me his name was “Reggie” as I was looking at him lying in his pen at the shelter
which was clean and the people really friendly. The town was a small college town, very friendly
too. People waved when you went by on the street.

But there was something missing, so I thought of a dog, someone to talk to. He had been advertised
on local TV and the shelter had received many call, but, said the staff, they just did not look like
Lab people, whatever that meant. I guess they thought I did. So I took him home, with his 'things',
a dog pad, bag of toys, which was loaded with brand new yellow tennis balls, dishes and a sealed
letter from his previous owner. Reggie and I did not hit it off the first two weeks, his 'things' and
the letter got tossed in with my other unpacked boxes, that is except the bag of yellow tennis balls.
Reggie wound not go anywhere unless he had two yellow tennis balls in his mouth. I intended to supply him with new toys once settled in, which did not look like was going to happen.
Riggie knew all of the commands, sit, stay, come, heel and follow them, grudgingly, after they were
repeated three or four times. I probably was too stern to him and he resented it. I think he 'hid; my cell phone. The day came I was supposed to return him to the shelter, but, I had found his 'things' and tossed the pad to him, he responded with a wagging tail, but that was it, he did not come to me when I
offered him a sweet treat, but lay down, back to, discontented. That was when I picked up the sealed 'letter' that I had totally forgotten too. So I read it out loud for both of us, and told Reggie to lets see
what your former owner has to say, if he has any advice.

To whoever gets my dog is goes; I am not happy your reading this letter that the shelter
staff was told to be opened only by Reggies new owner. Taking the Lab to the shelter was my last ride with him , and he knew something a different than our other rides. So let me tell you about my Lab with hopes you and he can 'bond'.

First he loves yellow tennis balls, more the merrier, he hordes them , and usually has two in his
mouth , and tried to get a third one in too. This he has not yet done. He knows the obvious ones,
and, a few other hand signals. I trained 'Reggie' with small bits of hot dogs. Nothing opens his ears like hot dogs. His feeding schedule is 7 am and 6 in the evening. Regular store bought stuff. He has
his shots from the 9th Street Clinic. He hates the vet.

Give him time, I was not married, it was just him and me. Everywhere I went, he went. Loved the
back seat of the car. Just sat there, looking, did nor bark. So please take his for a ride now and then.


His name is not Reggie. I do not know why but when I left him at the shelter, I told them his name wa Reggie. Why I do not know. I could not bear to give them his real name. I know he is smart and will
get used to it and respond. Leaving him was too final.


Tank is his name real name. Tank, because that is what I drive for the Army. The shelter
people were instructed to keep Reggie until they heard from me or my company commander, my parents are gone, I have no one to leave him with. My only request of the Army was to let the shelter
knowm in case of 'the event' as I was deployed to Iraq. By luck and the grace of God, my colonel
is a 'dog' man too and has told me he would do it personally. If you are reading this, he made good
his word. Tank was my family for six years, the same time I was U. S. Army.

Good luck with Tank, give him a good home, and if you dont mind, an extra kiss good night.
Thank you, signed Paul Mallory.

Everyone in town had heard of Paul Mallory. Local kid, killed in action, in Iraq, the owner
of a Silver Star, earned when he gave his life to save three fellow soldiers. I folded the letter, put it back in the envelope, and leaned forward, elbows on the knees, looked at the Lab and whispered
“Hey Tank”. The Labs head whipped up, eyes bright, ears cocked. “C'mere boy” and he was on his feet. In front of me, looking for the name he had not heard in months. 'Tank” I whispered and his tail swished. I kept whispering his name, over and over, and each time his ears lowered, eyes softened and his posture relaxed as a wave of contentment just seemed to flood him. I hugged him and said
“ Its me and you now Tank, your old pal gave you to me” Tank licked my cheeks.
“So whatsay we play some ball” Tank tore away into the next room, and came back to me, with
three yellow tennis balls in his mouth.

Source: Zimbra, August 16, 2009: Abstract, October 5, 2017. Harrison H.