Saturday, December 31, 2016


Jones' Great Snuff Mill stood where Jessup & Moore paper mill now sits, across the Brandywine from  Riddles Factory,  Both Jones and his snuff mill stood in high regard in Wilmington at that time, and he was thought to be Immensely wealthy.  He built immense structures, even his stables which stood on the farm of Cloud Elliott, Esq., were marvels of solidity.

Mr Jones died and his estate went into law in the courts of New Castle county for some 30 years and the lawyers  and court cost ate most of the estate up as they were the most eminent of council from Delaware and Pennsylvania.  However, when it was settled, sometime in the 1860's there was still large enough funds to give each heir a competence.

Wilmington Morning News, Wilmington, Delaware, Friday, September 10, 1880

rriddle's factory.

Friday, December 30, 2016



Actress Rita Hayworth and Prince Aly Khan, the son of wealthy Aga Khan of India, left by plane early today for Mexico City. The coupel who have been linked romantically since meeting on the Franch Riviera last summer declined to comment on their future plans. It has been learned that reservations are made for them at the Hotel del Prado. Aly has been visiting Miss Hayworth for a month. Her divorce from actor Orson Wells becomes final November 12 and it is reported the young prince is separated from his wife.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Levi Holliday, State House Bootblack, Dies at 60 Years.

Dover Delaware  July 13 1900

Levi Holliday, colored, age 60, a most eccentric character of Dover and well known as the 'State House Bootblack"  died this morning after having over eserted himself yesterday in the harvest field of Dr. Poe

Holliday had blackened the boots of every Delaware statesman and politician from the days of John M. Clayton and James Bayard, reaping a rich harvest during legislative sessions.

He was wont to go, however, on periodical sprees and has served out more jail sentences that any other Delaware man. He tells it he has been in jail half of his life, and in every jail in the state. . So far this year he has been in lockup only four times, for drunkenness. He cheerfully recommends the Kent county table.


Saturday, October 1, 2016



Bert Barnes, telephone lineman of Los Angeles, California, at work in the San Bernardino Valley ,recently had a lively experience with a large bald eagle. 

He was alone in a lonely part of the valley, no one within a rifle shot of him.  He had just finished a job and about to descend from the pole he had been working atop., and observed a shadow circling  on the sand below and looking up saw an eagle whirling around in the sky, a very large eagle, and it
  was keeping its eyes fixed on him.  He had no weapon, except his hammer, and decided to make it a serviceable as possible. There was no time for any misgiving as to what was going to happen, as twice the monster bird came it to the attack. A sudden turn, set wings, and the bird was very close to him, it's talons curved and legs drawn  up, ready to strike, it's beak half open.  His spiked  'climbers' had  him fast to the pole, no where to move.  He was firmly driven into the wood.  Fortunately, on the second pass of the eagle, directly in front of him, he had enough space to allow a full swing of his right arm and hammer, and swing with a vengeance he did, not knowing exactly where the hammer hit, but a moment later the great bird lay fluttering on the ground at the bottom of the pole with the hammer beside it.  The eagle was not dead, only stunned, and down the pole he came,  quickly tied it with twine.  He now has it, alive, at home.

Sunday, September 18, 2016





The Right Reverend Arthur R. McKinstry , Bishop of the Delaware Episcopal Diocese,

announced the gift of the Alexis Felix duPont house by Mrs duPont as a memorial to her husband to be

used by the church for church purposes.

The large commodious summer home sits at the edge of the Pines on a lagoon on the north side

of Rehoboth Beach proper. The diocese intends to use the home as a conference center, also a retreat

for members of the Episcopal clergy. There is a large living room and library on the first floor. A

glassed in heated sun porch runs the length of the rear over looking the lagoon. Just off the porch is a

well lighted dinning room and a modern kitchen , nine rooms on the second floor where up to thirty

people can be accommodated.

The Bishop will have a room for his personal use and the large attic can be converted into a

dormitory by adding windows. Except for kitchen equipment the house will need to be furnished.

Those charged with the furnishing are Mrs. Ernest May, Mrs. Paul Turner and Mrs Ellason Dowbs.

The cost is expected to reach up to $5000 minimum.

It is the wish of the Bishop to have it operational by Easter and a schedule made for its use.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


MARCH 3 1908

Young William Thomas Manning, Jr., 14 year old,  the son of the widow Arzelia Manning of 2nd street, who keeps a boarding house for school teachers in Lewes,  was  a victim of a nightmare where he thought someone was after him,  jumped from his bed and ran outside in the cold snowy weather. It took his 18 year old brother, Harrison Martin Manning who he had awaken on his exit, also barefoot and in night cloths , almost an hour to catch him and bring him back home. Neither was suffering any bad effects  from the sudden dash into the cold.
 William grew up , was married to Helen Russell Wiltank, had a daughter Jean Russell Manning who married a Johnson, was a veteran of the Navy, and is buried in Bethel Cemetery with his wife.  His mother Arzelia also was a Lewes dry goods merchant.

Friday, August 12, 2016


 On Saturday, March 19 1898, car loads of oyster shells came to Lewes on the Queen Anne railroad for the improvement of the Lewes street roadbeds and by Tuesday they had been spread on several streets. Lewes street commissioners have said the town will use 20,000 bushel of shells this year.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


It is well, now and then, to recall the traction engine law. all travelers should be interested in it and the owners should pay close attention. Here are the points;
Every engine propelled by steam must have a man at least 300 yards ahead of the engine to warn persons riding or driving upon any public road of the fact that the engine is coming, and also assist in the management of ny horse or horses that may require his assistance to control. The law also requires the engine to be run as far as practicable to the side of the road, and to remain stationary intil any horse or horses have passed to a safe distance, in the meantime making as little noise as possible with the steam.  Penalty for failing to comply with the law is a fine of $10 and cost.  he law further requires him to have a printed copy of this law posted on his engine under the fine of not less than $10..


The first observation of an eclipse of the sun taken by American astronomers were made on Long Island, Penobscot Bay, October 27, 1760 by a party from Harvard College, headed by Professor s. W. Hollis, L. L. D.  having obtained the consent of the British General who was in command of Castiue,
landed at bounty Cave and made the house of one Shubnel Williams their headquarters. The totality of the eclipse was visible only at Penobscot Bay and vicinity, a fact which would make such an event one of great import even today. It is but, justice to add, that observations made by the Harvard scientists were very successful, notwithstanding the fact that their instruments were very crude and inaccurate. New York Press-Denton Maryland Journal, Saturday July 29, 1893