Saturday, December 31, 2016


Jones' Great Snuff Mill stood where Jessup & Moore paper mill now sits, across the Brandywine from  Riddles Factory,  Both Jones and his snuff mill stood in high regard in Wilmington at that time, and he was thought to be Immensely wealthy.  He built immense structures, even his stables which stood on the farm of Cloud Elliott, Esq., were marvels of solidity.

Mr Jones died and his estate went into law in the courts of New Castle county for some 30 years and the lawyers  and court cost ate most of the estate up as they were the most eminent of council from Delaware and Pennsylvania.  However, when it was settled, sometime in the 1860's there was still large enough funds to give each heir a competence.

Wilmington Morning News, Wilmington, Delaware, Friday, September 10, 1880

rriddle's factory.

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