Sunday, September 18, 2016





The Right Reverend Arthur R. McKinstry , Bishop of the Delaware Episcopal Diocese,

announced the gift of the Alexis Felix duPont house by Mrs duPont as a memorial to her husband to be

used by the church for church purposes.

The large commodious summer home sits at the edge of the Pines on a lagoon on the north side

of Rehoboth Beach proper. The diocese intends to use the home as a conference center, also a retreat

for members of the Episcopal clergy. There is a large living room and library on the first floor. A

glassed in heated sun porch runs the length of the rear over looking the lagoon. Just off the porch is a

well lighted dinning room and a modern kitchen , nine rooms on the second floor where up to thirty

people can be accommodated.

The Bishop will have a room for his personal use and the large attic can be converted into a

dormitory by adding windows. Except for kitchen equipment the house will need to be furnished.

Those charged with the furnishing are Mrs. Ernest May, Mrs. Paul Turner and Mrs Ellason Dowbs.

The cost is expected to reach up to $5000 minimum.

It is the wish of the Bishop to have it operational by Easter and a schedule made for its use.

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