Saturday, August 13, 2016


MARCH 3 1908

Young William Thomas Manning, Jr., 14 year old,  the son of the widow Arzelia Manning of 2nd street, who keeps a boarding house for school teachers in Lewes,  was  a victim of a nightmare where he thought someone was after him,  jumped from his bed and ran outside in the cold snowy weather. It took his 18 year old brother, Harrison Martin Manning who he had awaken on his exit, also barefoot and in night cloths , almost an hour to catch him and bring him back home. Neither was suffering any bad effects  from the sudden dash into the cold.
 William grew up , was married to Helen Russell Wiltank, had a daughter Jean Russell Manning who married a Johnson, was a veteran of the Navy, and is buried in Bethel Cemetery with his wife.  His mother Arzelia also was a Lewes dry goods merchant.

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