Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Levi Holliday, State House Bootblack, Dies at 60 Years.

Dover Delaware  July 13 1900

Levi Holliday, colored, age 60, a most eccentric character of Dover and well known as the 'State House Bootblack"  died this morning after having over eserted himself yesterday in the harvest field of Dr. Poe

Holliday had blackened the boots of every Delaware statesman and politician from the days of John M. Clayton and James Bayard, reaping a rich harvest during legislative sessions.

He was wont to go, however, on periodical sprees and has served out more jail sentences that any other Delaware man. He tells it he has been in jail half of his life, and in every jail in the state. . So far this year he has been in lockup only four times, for drunkenness. He cheerfully recommends the Kent county table.


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