Tuesday, April 3, 2018


APRIL 3, 1860

On this day, April 3, 1860. one hundred and fifty eight years ago, 3, April 2018, the first
Pony Express mail leaves westbound from St. Joseph, Missouri and east bound from
Sacramento, California.

Ten days later the westbound mail reaches Sacramento and the eastbound mail was two days
later reaching St. Joseph setting a speedy mail delivery.

The speedy delivery was short lived and unprofitable but arose Americas interest in a
federal overland postal system. Also it was an economic boost to the towns and villages
along the route.

California, which became a state in 1850 was cut off from the east part of the new nation.
A letter from New York to the west coast took more than a month traveling by ships at sea.
A recent Butterfield Overland Express could take a letter three weeks to several months
depending on delivery methods and price which was $5 per a half an ounce at the least.

Three owners of an existing freight business , William Russell. William Bradford Waddell
and Alex Majors set up the Pony Express. It consist of 150 relay stations, 10 to 15 miles
apart , on a pioneer trail from Missouri to California. Each rider changed every 100 miles.
The Pony Express was a private enterprise, the owners hoped to get a contract from the
government but that did not happen because a year later in 1861 the transcontinental
telegraph put into service and Pony Express ceased operation.

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