Monday, March 27, 2017


The 1940 U. S. Federal census was  opened to the public April 2, 2012,   72 year after it was taken in April 1940.  Records show the 37 million people tried to access the web site the first day.

You probably are included in the census.

This census contains rich and unique information,  names, age, gender, race, education and place of birth.. New is "Who of the household responded to the census". There for if it were a neighbor or other, the data may not be accurate.  Also was asked if you worked during "The New Deal"  for the CCC, WPA, NYA programs.  WPA sponsored programs which collected a wealth of genealogical then available.  You can also learn how much money mom and dad made the year ending December 21, 1939.

Where did you live in 1935 ?  It will located you there.  remember the farm people were suffering in the "dust bowl" then. It tells how much education the population received.

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