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March 29  1827  Wilmington Delaware
Under the superintendence and instructions of WILLIAM SHERER and assisted by accomplished female teachers, the course of instruction pursued at this seminary comprises all of the useful and  most of the ornamental branches of female education.   Daily exercises are Orthogtaphy, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, English Grammer, Rhetoric, Geography, and History, ancient and modern,  reference to the best maps and charts,  construction of maps, uses of the Globe,  Natural History, Natural Philosopy, to include Astromomy and Chemistry and elements of Moral Science.
There are weekly exercises of Biblical Recitations,  Evidences of Christianity,  Letter Writing, and other species of Composition,  and  Recapitulations.
TERMS: Board and Tuition, in any of the fore mentioned branches, $32.50 per quarter;  if paid in advance $30.00;   Music, includes use of piano, $12 ;  French, by the best available masters,  $6 per quarter ; Other ornamental branches, drawing, requires extra moderate charges.
The discipline is Christian, parental and mild.  Particular attention is paid not only to the manners of  the young ladies, but to their moral and religious instructions.  Upon parental approval they are conducted to places of worship.
Exercise and recreation, essential to health and of mental  energy, occupy times not devoted to studies.
References may be heard from Rev. e. W. Gilbert,  Hon. W. Hall,  Hon. Louis McLane of Wilmington.  In Philadelphia,  Rev. Dr. Wilson,  Rev. Dr. Jamesway,  Mr. William Janiver, merchant, and James G. Thompson, Professor of Languages, Univ. of Pennsylvania.

Abstract of add in Thursday, March 29th, 1827,  Wilmingtonian & Delaware Advertiser newspaper.

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