Tuesday, July 11, 2017



Robert Ke Ching, Sr., owner of the White Chimney Inn at Rehoboth and his head chef,
Moi Ni Ton, were stabbed in an apparent murder suicide case.
Bob Ching, age 59, and Moi, age 73, died at Beebe Hospital before the police could unravel the riddle involved . Investigation is somewhat hampered because the two witnesses speak only Chinese.
Events began in the case when Dr. Stambaugh was called by one of Chings employes about 10:30 am to please come to the Inn at 59 Lake Avenue. Police were summoned and an ambulance crew found Ching in his bed with many stab wounds but was still alive and taken to the Beebe Hospital in Lewes. He later died at 1 pm. Police had break into Moi's room, where he was also in his bed with a large kitchen knife in his stomach, he too was taken to Beebe Hospital in Lewes, where his died before noon of an apparent self inflicted wound.
The motive is puzzling since both were like father and son, being in business for over 30 years together according to Martha Toni Mather a manager for Bob Ching's business. Both lived in rooms above the Inn.
Bob Ching had come to Rehoboth over 10 years ago to open the White Chimney Inn after
having operated a Chinese restaurant, “Bob Chings” in Ocean City, Maryland, and the Seaside at Fenwick Island.
Mr. Ching was native of Honolulu and had been at one time the maitre d' at the New York City “Don the Beachcomber's” .
Ching's twin sons who live in New York City, Robert Ke, Jr., and Raymond, arrived last night at Rehoboth. Robert, Jr., a Harvard Law School graduate is a New York Attorney and Ray is a Wiconsin graduate and entrenched in his fathers business. Ching was a widower and has a brother, Alex, in Honolulu.
Bob Ching was a vibrant, fabulous person. Liked by all locals and summer visitors of Rehoboth Beach. A real restauranteur to say the least. Also, Moi, well knew how to prepare and serve
real fine Chinese meals. There were no better beef and pork Chinese dishes, moo goo gai pan, Chicken Gai Ding, shrimp foo yong, chow mein to be had in Rehoboth Beach.
The word around town for years was 'tragic'.

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