Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Packing Your Trunk


First you need a trunk, if it's dusty and rusty, a careful dusting inside and out is necessary, the medal trimmings can be brightened with witchcloth , leather straps rubbed with sweet oil. Next, line it out with newspaper. Everything you are to pack needs to be made in readiness, like folded, then set near by, to save running around in a daze looking for this and that.

The thousand and one 'little things' are to be but in boxes and taped. Under clothing place at the very bottom of the trunk, here to can go your favorite hat. Wrap it in tissue paper.

Stockings, shoes, other favorites, are used to fill in the spaces to keep your packaging level
and no elevations or depressions. Shirts, skirts, pants, pack closely and be sure they are folded.

For the jackets, use the hangers, the silks, challies, ginghams, lay down flat. Next goes in
everything else, tightly. You do not want any airspace to cause 'rattling'.

Now try to close it, have the most heavy one of the family sit on it while you fasten the straps, so that the locks come together.

ABSTRACT: July 2017, Harrison H from The St Louis Republic by way of the Washington
Weekly Post, 8 May, 1900.

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