Friday, August 4, 2017

U.S. Navy Yard Charlestown, Massachusetts 1900

Charlestown, Massachusetts     19 august 1900: 

 The United States Navy Yard at Charlestown, Massachusetts was founded i 1800 and covered an eighty seven acre tract of land, had near a hundred storehouses, machine shops, arsenals, shiphouses, etc.

 Among the war vessels built there were the Independence, Frolic, Vermont, Warren, Farragut's flagship Hartford, the Cumberland and Merrimac, the Wachuset, ad Huron.  also the iron clads monanock, Nahant, Nantucket and Canonicus.

Charlestown is the oldest neighborhood in Boston, originally an Indian name Mishawum.  It is north of the Charles River overlooking downtown Boston, adjoins the Mystic River and Boston Harbor.

Engineer Thomas Graves in 1629 laid it out  for Charles I of England as the first capitol of the Massachusetts Bay colony.

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