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1717 - 1718

Stede Bonnet, born 1688, to a wealthy English family of Bridgetown, Barbados, a plantation owner, a former British Army major, married in 1709 to Mary Allamby. Because of “some discomfortsof married life “ he left the safe life ashore to become a pirate, privateering being a popular ocupation for those so inclined. The summer of 1717 he bought a sailing vessel, named it “Revenge”
hired a crew of cutthroats, raised the black flag and sailed the eastern coast of America, althought he had no expreience as a ships captain. From the pirate haven of Bahamas he sailed to the mouth of the
Chesapeake Bay, capturing several ships off the Delmarva coast. Sometime, while in the Cape Hatteras waters he fell in with Edward Teach, known as “Blackbeard”. At the mouth of the
Delaware Bay in 1718 Bonnet took the sloop Francis in command of Captain Peter Manwearing
without a fight. Unloading the cargo of molasses and rum, barrels of beef, butter, all the while
having Captain Manwearing as a guest treating him politely. Manwearing later gave damaging
testimoney against Bonnet during his last trial for piracy. Bonnet , in a Charles Town, South Carolina
court was found giuilty of “Piracy” and later hung by the neck until dead, 10 December 1718.

Delaware Diary, Michael Morgan, Delaware Coast Press. March 19 2009

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