Monday, October 9, 2017



Golden tilefish, aka great northern tilefish or blue tilefish, scientific name is
Lopholatilus chamaeoeonticeps.

The golden tilefish is low in fat, has a sweet flavor like lobster or crab. They size between
5 and 10 pounds.

Tilefish fishery is between Virginia and Maine, the majority caught in southern New England
and mid Atlantic waters. They are caught on longline gear.

The stock is not overfished nor is overfishing occuring.

A record golden tilefish was caught this past August, weighing 46 pounds, 8 ounces and took
20 minutes to bring in. It was 47 inches long with a girth of 29 inches.

This golden tilefish, a deepwater offfshore species, was hooked at a depth of 530 feet on
5 ounce chartreuse and a silver butterfly jig.

The catch was weighed and recorded at Hook'm & Cook'm in Rehoboth Beach.

Source: Delmarvanow Report, Delaware Coast Press, 4 October 2017,, and
Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office. Abstract 10/09/2017 Harrison H.

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