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Samuel Willard, born in Concord, Massachusetts, January 31, 1640, died 12 September 1707,
deemed to be the last puritan.
On two two accounts this would not be true. First Puritanism surrounds noncomformist ministers who remained in the Church of England in order to purify it. Second, the ministers who left the
Church of England were called Pilgrims. It would be better to call Mr. Willard a reformed
Preacher of the Gospel.

Willard graduated Harvard in 1659 where he studied divinity. After graduation he was ordained a
minister in Groton, Massachusetts, in 1664, served until 1676 when he was chased away by Indians
during the King Phillips War. He then went to the Old south Church in Boston and became the
second most important preacher in the New England Calvinistic Church of the day, following
Increase Mather (1639-1723) . He wass known as a man of profound notions, will say what he will,
and prove what he says, acording to John Dutton, book seller.

Samuel Willard strenuously opposed Salem wichcraft trials and influenced public opinion against
them. The trials were halted in 1692 influenced by Wllard's promotions.

When Increase Mather retired from the presidency of Harvard , Willardm the vice president, took
over the job from 1701 to 1707.

Willards preachng centered on the doctrine of the covenant of redemption. In his preaching he
opposed Antinominaism and opposed both Baptist and Quaker theology.

Samuel Willard was the son of a military and political leader, Major Simon Willard and his wife
Mary Sharpe who came to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1634 from England. In 1635 they and the Rev. Peter Bulkley, established the village of Concord.

Samuel Willard married on 8 August 1664, Abigail Sherman, of Watertown, and became a freeman in 1670 with full citizenship privileges.

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