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FACTS 1943

Wilmington Morning News, Wednesday, June 2 , 1943

David Montcalm, Lewes postman, received official commendations from Assistant
Postmaster General, K. P. Aldrich for “unusual interest” in the postal service.

Montcalm has been disturbed lately because most of the houses on his rout are not numbered
causing delivery problems. At his own expense he has painted numbers on pine boards, and
nailed them to the numberless houses. He said he wanted to get Lewes out of the old horse &
buggy ere when every body knew everybody to the postman.

Lewes postmaster, Alton Brittingham, was told to award Montcalm 200 merits.

Wilmington New Journal, Monday, Feburary 8, 1943

I n most small towns every body knows every body and where they live. The post office
stresses importance of numbering dwellings.

In Lewes, many new families are settling in the community due to the construction of
Fort Miles so every body does not know every body anymore.

David Montcalm, Lewes postman had problems locating new families so he took it upon
himself to number the houses by painting numbers on pine shingles and tacking them to
unmarked houses.

Wilmington New Journal, Tuesday June 1, 1943

David Montcalm, young postman in Lewes received commendation from Post Office
Department for getting the town out of the horse and buggy days by painting numbers on
small pine boards and nailing them to unnumbered homes, all on his own time.
The letter reads “ Representations have been made to the department that you have, at
your own expense, prepared numbered wood strips incident to appropriately numbering
residents and business places in Lewes with a view to insure prompt delviery of the mail.”.

You may be assured your efforts are appreciated and accept the commendation of the
postal department therewith.

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