Sunday, April 16, 2017

1917 German Sub Commander Asked Survivors for Ships Name, Etc.

The British steamer "Mommon Dakar"  was sunk by a  German  submarine, March 12, without a warning according to a message from Liverpool  Consul.

The official message :  " Captain Briscoe,  chief officer  Berlow,  British subjects;   Mather Hill, Gainsville, Texas,   Charles Edward Wood,  Portland , Oregon,   Jacob Simon, age 16,  Staten Island, only Americans on board.   Survivors".

"Affirmed:  British steamer Mommon Daker, Hul, February 20,  cargo;  palm oil ;  unarmed,  torpedoed without warning;  boilers exploded;  six crew killed,  sank 10 minutes,  seas smooth, weather fine".

"Submarine emerged, German officer asked name of ship, home port,  cargo,  demanded official papers".

Captain Briscoe replied "papers lost with ship",  then asked direction of nearest land to which the German officer replied " northeast, 27 mile,  Portland light, no vessels sighted"

Survivors  were picked up at midnight.

United Press, Wilmington Evening Journal, Wilmington, Delaware, Friday March 16  1917. 

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