Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mosquito Control Program


The Delaware Mosquito Control Commission and the CCC workers seem to have been effective with the mosquito control campaign within the extensive salt marsh coastal region, where in the past vast hordes were carried to coastal towns by the breeze.

From the Baltimore Sun , a Lewes, Delaware dispatch it is learned that “the almost complete absence of mosquito's in Lewes and Rehoboth this summer is a general topic of conversation. Formerly, theses towns were unbearably plagued by the sale air mosquito invasions. During the hot spells this summer the land breezes blew as usual but the mosquito hordes did not accompany them. Relief from the pest is attributed to the extensive campaign against them.

Many persons who were skeptical at the onset, now agree the program has an effect. The “work”, thousands of feet of drainage ditches upon the sale marsh areas has eliminated “breeding places”, allows life out of doors both day and night, to be enjoyed.

Centered in lower Sussex county last winter, the campaign will now be extended to Kent and New Castle counties as Delaware is evidently convinced of its practical value.

Source: Times Picayune , New Orleans, Louisiana, July 23, 1935 article.

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