Thursday, April 20, 2017

2000 German POW's For Delaware Laborers.


Preparations are made for 2000 or more German POW's to arrive in Delaware early May to

serve the critical shortage of labor for down state Delaware farms and canneries, and lumber industry.

Acting Manpower Ddirector of Delaware, Elmer H. Smith, said the POW's will furnish labor

needs to farmers and canneries of lower Delaware, and will be adequately guarded by Army troops,

“will go a long way toward solving a labor shortage in the food processing plants of the state”.

The American government had urged farmers to produce increased vegetable crops and record

production is expected as is the loss of labor due to the draft and war production factories higher

wages. Transportation problems and restrictions will also effect migratory workers normally available.

Packers, farmers and other food producing establishment had requested the prisoner some time

ago through military authorities. Objections of Sussex county resident to the use of available

Japanese-American labor also was a factor for the request for alternative means to obtain needed


Fort du Pont's existing barracks and the vacant CCC camps in the lower counties will be

surrounded by stockades and become the living facilities for the summer months.

Wilmington Morning News, April 20, 1944, Wilmington, Delaware, Sussex County News Items.

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