Thursday, April 27, 2017


Queen of Sheba,  common names,  garden  pinks  and  dianthus,  flower in May and June, grow to a

height of eight to ten inches, grow low bushy clump foliage,  like full son for flowering but will

 grow in the shade.  Need average garden soil, slightly sweet or treated with lime.  Grown plants are

drought resistant but young planting need to be watered regularly. These flowers are richly fragrant.

Dianthus in all its many forms have played a semiinal role in gardens for 2000 year or more. The

most beloved is Dianthue Plumarius, also known as Clove Pinks.

The Queen of Sheba is an old plant from the early 1600's , has a single row of  petals with a center of

white and fringed with a rose red.  Again, the flowers are strongly and sweetly scented.

Abstract : Sequim Rare Plants, Sequim,  Washington, USA

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